Environmental Remediation Service

  environmental site remediation service

Environmental Site Remediation Services


The ORTAM Groupe offers a full range of Environmental Site Assessment services, from phase I through to phase IV (also called environmental site remediation) throughout Quebec (notably the Montreal and Quebec City areas) and Ontario (notably the Toronto area) as well as in Miami-Dade County, Florida (USA).


The ORTAM Groupe’s experts in environmental remediation are well-equipped and qualified to undertake the decontamination of a site according to standards established by environmental regulations.


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Environmental site remediation


Environmental Site Remediation, also known as a Phase IV Environmental Site Assessment, restores an area of contamination, as defined during the environmental characterization stage (Phases II and III) of the Environmental Site Assessment.


Our team of engineers and technicians conduct the remediation of a site according to the required environmental standards determined by the site’s historical use and according to its zoning, namely industrial, commercial or residential.


The data collected and analyzed during the Phase III Environmental Site Characterization is used in the planning, budgeting and managing of the decontamination work. The historical use of a site is a determining factor in the types of contaminants to be found there. The site’s soil characteristics and groundwater conditions are contributing factors in the dispersion of contaminants. Other factors, inherent to the site to be decontaminated, are also taken into account by our inspectors during an environmental rehabilitation. Factors inherent to a site include the structures in place, available technology and site accessibility.


Methodologies for environmental remediation


One methodology for environmental site remediation is to excavate the contaminated soil and to transport it to an authorized treatment center, according to the regulatory requirements. Another methodology is to treat the contaminated soil in situ with chemical and biological remediation agents, rather than excavate it. Upon completion of the work, a new soil characterization is conducted to determine the quality of the residual soils.


Environmental site remediation may require the removal of an underground storage tank, especially when an old oil tank is a source of contamination of the site. In this case, our experts take charge of draining any residual liquids from the tank, removing the tank and dismantling network of pipes, as well as transferring the tank to the appropriate treatment center according to the regulations in effect. At the end of this work, another soil characterization is carried to assess the quality of the soil in place.