Facade Inspection

Facade inspection service

ORTAM Group offers a facade inspection service which will help you conform to Bill 122.


Facade inspection service


The ORTAM Groupe is a specialist in physical building inspection, facade engineering in particular, with a focus on evaluating the safety of the building under inspection.


Every structural inspection is conducted by ORTAM Group’s experts and each in-depth report submitted to you is signed by an engineer or an architect. Our team is authorized to issue certificates of compliance with building code regulations as well as comprehensive reports, complete with recommendations for the owner or property manager of the inspected building.


Contact ORTAM Group to learn about our procedures for complete facade inspection. We will be happy to answer your questions!


Mandatory facade inspection as required by the RBQ


With Bill 122, the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) requires a thorough facade inspection for any building that has at least one facade that is 5 (or more) storeys above ground level. The objective of these inspections is to help owners implement a maintenance program to ensure that the facades are free from defects that may compromise safety or contribute to the development of dangerous conditions.


Every five years, it is the owner’s responsibility to obtain a report from an engineer or an architect certifying that the facades of the building show no unsafe condition of any kind. The facade inspection report must also stipulate, where necessary, recommendations for correcting any defect that could contribute to the development of dangerous conditions, including all the investigations carried out and their results.


The facade inspection services in detail


As a part of the assessment and inspection of facades, our services include preliminary interviews and review of documentation, a study of the building’s history, the preparation of plans for all facades, a preliminary visual inspection, tactile and intrusive facade inspection and a detailed report. The report contains all the elements required by law, including the location and description of defects and their causes, as well as a detailed description of the corrective work to be done so that the facades of the building remain safe and, finally, the recommended timetable for applying the corrective measures.


Deadlines for facade inspection


The deadlines for the completion of facade inspection reports depend on the date of the construction of the building.

Buildings constructed before March 18, 2003:


Date of building construction Date of first report
Before March 18, 1968 March 18, 2015
Between March 18, 1968 and March 17, 1988 March 18, 2016
Between March 18, 1988 and March 17, 1998 March 18, 2017
Between March 18, 1998 and March 17, 2003 March 18, 2018


Buildings constructed after March 18, 2003:

The owner of a building must obtain an inspection report on the day of 10th anniversary of the date of construction, at the latest.